12:2012:40 01. Jun 2022
12:2012:40 01. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

From anonymous to personal - Know your shopper BEFORE the purchase

The winners in retail going forward will transform the general platform of retail merchandising into a personal experience. To do that, we need to encourage and incentivize shoppers to announce themselves when they enter the store, sharing their personal brand identity and motivations for shopping.

Simple, frictionless, and efficient technologies exist today to authenticate shoppers in retail to subdue anonymous browsing and know the shopper before she makes a purchase. With the knowledge of who they are and what they want, retailers can delight the shopper during the retail experience and cultivate the relationship further when they are outside of the store.

In this presentation, you will learn how to make personal authentication seamless, how to magnify the effectiveness of your sellers and offers with personalized shopper knowledge, and how to create a lasting connection that only face to face can provide.