15:0015:20 01. Jun 2022
15:0015:20 01. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

How will smart technology impact your omnichannel supply chain?

The omnichannel retail landscape is evolving rapidly. Covid has only accelerated the speed of change and highlighted the vulnerability of global supply chains. As volatile demand and soaring inventory costs squeeze margins, we’ve come to a point where we must tackle these challenges head-on. The question is how can big data, Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies help you make more profitable omnichannel decisions?

Join Peter Bocken, retail director at Slimstock, as he reveals how retailers can deploy new technologies to:

  • Establish smarter inventory policies to build more profitable assortments
  • Optimise inventory levels to perfectly synchronise supply with demand
  • Take advantage of emerging trends to gain a competitive advantage

Every day, Slimstock supports over 1200 businesses to boost profitability and unlock working capital by improving availability, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste. In this live presentation, Peter will demonstrate how these businesses are leveraging technology to shape tomorrow’s omnichannel supply chains today.