10:4011:00 02. Jun 2022
10:4011:00 02. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

Inventory optimisation - Efficiency is the new king

The retail supply chain is becoming more complex. As Covid continues to disrupt global operations and customers increasingly embrace the omnichannel retail environment, both demand and supply are more volatile than ever. With widespread shortages of critical (affordable) resources such as raw materials, shipping containers, and even labour, retailers now face a whole new layer of complexity. So how can retailers satisfy customer expectations while keeping costs under tight control by using scarce resources as efficient as possible?
Join Peter Bocken, retail director at Slimstock, as he explores how retailers can build more flexible supply chains to:

  • Guarantee consistently high levels of on-shelf availability to maximise sales revenue by using better AI driven forecasts
  • Anticipate disruption earlier and become more responsive to ensure a harmonious end to end operation & maximise efficiency
  • Eliminate waste & cut costs through the entire supply chain

Every day, Slimstock supports over 1200 businesses to boost profitability and unlock working capital by improving availability, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste. In this live presentation, Peter will demonstrate how these businesses are leveraging technology to stay one step ahead of the competition.