13:2013:40 02. Jun 2022
13:2013:40 02. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

See into the blindspot in your 360-degree customer view

If your only goal with the point-of-sale transaction is to make the exchange of funds most efficient, you are missing an enormous opportunity.
The moment of the contactless purchase or the card swipe can be so much more than the completing of the sale: it can be the start of a true relationship.

Option 2:
Today, shoppers are beset with offers to establish membership in a loyalty program when shopping in retail. They may already have dozens of loyalty program memberships and not even know it. The burden placed on consumers to recall all of this is high, and they are offered little control.

A better way to pursue these relationships is to give the consumer control. In exchange for this control, retailers can acquire the knowledge they need to delight the shopper, meeting their needs by empowering store associates. The humble bank card transaction can be the gateway to this elevated relationship.
Through this customer-empowering mechanism, you can obtain the permissions to deliver curated and tailored shopping experiences for customers going forward.
In this presentation, you will learn how to make the connections necessary using point-of-sale technology and innovative loyalty-marketing techniques.