11:4012:00 31. May 2022
11:4012:00 31. May 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

Enthusiastic customers through a digital service help desk - The road from fiction to reality

The shortage of skilled workers confronts the service organizations of retail customers and chain stores with the great challenge of making the help desk efficient and scalable.
The customer service experience is becoming an increasingly important factor, especially due to the increased service awareness of customers and transparent markets.

Stephan Meyer outlines the “travel route” from the classic service organization to the digital help desk in several phases. Automation, bots, AI, RPA, self-service and, above all, knowledge logistics plays as a basis an important role in this . Generate information from data and create useful information for your service organization and your customers.

In the lecture you will learn how to successfully transform into a digital service helpdesk and how to make the knowledge of your service organization available across channels and in a customer-specific manner.