13:0013:20 02. Jun 2022
13:0013:20 02. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

Ready for the future? Have you ever thought about implementing a business application some other way?
(Microsoft Partner)

Digitization offers many companies in Industry Retail the potential to optimize the value chain and identify growth or innovation potential.
But in doing so, such projects can also entail a high level of challenges and risks - even for proven business models. How about out-of-the-box? The introduction of a business application, thought of in a completely different way. It's important to know as much as possible of the various success factors in advance. You have certainly already identified these. We help you to launch such a project successfully and unconventionally. Make your business model future-proof. We help you do this and roll out a highly standardized business application together with you. In just six weeks, we work with you to implement a Microsoft Cloud-based business application prepared for your core business at a fixed price. Based on this platform, you will receive insights from your business earlier and can use the momentum to create a holistic solution together with us along the path of your digital transformation. With this new implementation strategy, we support you in your digitalization. The key here is that the introduction of a new business application applies new methods based on a partially agile approach.