12:0012:20 02. Jun 2022
12:0012:20 02. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

The e-receipt - more than just a digital receipt

The assumption – an e-receipt is a receipt in electronic form – is wrong and in no way does justice to the possibilities created by the digitalization of a receipt. In the presentation the potentials of the electronic receipt like cost savings, positive climate
balance and added values of the useage are pointed out as well as the e-receipt as a marketing instrument with customer focus is presented. In practice, it has been shown that 80% SME retailers use the e-receipt when it is available, with an upward trend, as the possibilities of the e-receipt are manifold: Control loyalty programs via the individualized e-receipt, obtain star ratings, get direct customer feedback, automated connection to accounting systems and expense reports, and other business processes following the receipt. The e-receipt also provides an interface to online stores.

When i t comes to e-receipts, standardization of core components with the possibility of customization is a key issue. After a high number of cash register providers are already connected with fiskaly, the possibility is created to reach a platform for the standardization of the e-receipt. In the presentation, this possibility will be presented in more detail, with a focus on compliance, tax data and security.