14:0014:20 01. Jun 2022
14:0014:20 01. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

How introducing customer loyalty initiatives can aid store operations workflows

With multiple external factors negatively impacting consumer loyalty to in-store retail, retailers know they need to engage with customers in new ways. Technology investments can offer not only a frictionless experience, but also build incentives and personalization into shopping in-store, providing customers with a memorable experience they wish to repeat.
However, introducing technology-based customer loyalty initiatives can also deliver significant operational advantages to retailers. Costly administrative burdens of in-store point-of-sale and paper-based incentives are reduced, ROI is easily calculated and price accuracy is maintained. In addition valuable usage data from customers means retailers can react faster to trends, and predict levels of stock for replenishment.
Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder of Scandit will cover these benefits and provide insight into a real-world implementation of this technology in the Nisa store network in the UK. Nisa wanted to find a creative way to drive exclusive promotions to customers, while reducing waste and meeting legislative requirements for HFSS products. Scandit, with its technology partner Jisp, implemented an augmented reality shopping application for Nisa customers, providing personalized discounts from smartphone scans and delivering an 80% conversion rate between voucher issue and redemption.