16:2016:40 01. Jun 2022
16:2016:40 01. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

AI as an enabler for a sustainable and resilient supply chain

Retailers are battling with procurement problems due to various global crises. In addition, rising energy prices are increasing the pressure on retailers to cut transport costs and operate more efficiently. At the same time, public demands for responsible food handling and sustainable business practices are growing louder, prompting an increasing number of political initiatives.

How can supply chains be made more resilient? And what characterizes a sustainable supply chain? Florian Strecker, Senior Account Executive at RELEX Solutions, presents ways to reduce food spoilage and carbon emission in the supply chain and shows how AI-based solutions combine a high degree of automation with flexible, exception-focused inventory management.

RELEX Solutions is a Finnish provider of unified retail planning solutions. From its 14 locations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, the company serves over 350 customers worldwide, including Rossmann, ALDI Nord, dm, Douglas, MediaMarktSaturn, REWE, Flink, Auchan and Migros Online.