14:4015:00 01. Jun 2022
14:4015:00 01. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

Lessons Learned: Two Years of TSS
Integration, Rollout and Operation in the Context of German KassenSichV

The presentation will highlight technical aspects and lessons learned of the German
KassenSichV (cash register protection regulation) with Germany's largest iPad POS
provider orderbird and the Cloud TSS provider fiskaly.
Due to fiscalization, all cash registers in Germany must be equipped with a technical
security system (TSS) that provides protection against tampering with business
transactions since Jan. 1, 2020. Based on the experience of orderbird and fiskaly, the
technical problems associated with the implementation of the KassenSichV, which POS
manufacturers, providers and users face, will be considered. The presentation will
provide detailed insights into lessons learned regarding iPad POS solutions.
According to DFKA estimates, there are around 2 million cash registers in use in
Germany. Behind fiskaly are 500,000 POS systems under contract and thus 25% of the
total market. From this, a variety of insights can be passed on. The presentation provides
basic knowledge on integration, rollout and operation of technical security system (TSS)
from the point of view of POS manufacturers, POS vendors and TSS providers.