11:4012:00 02. Jun 2022
11:4012:00 02. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

Unified Commerce: seamless customer experience, profitable optimised fulfilment for the retailer

‘Unified Commerce’ has become imperative for retailers to be successful today. Why? From a retailer’s perspective it is important to have capabilities to fulfil orders in such a way that consumer expectations and promises are met but also that the sale is still allowing you as a retailer to make some profit.
‘Unified Commerce’ will make the difference. As consumers buy physical products, unified management of available inventory is a critical focus point. Inventory will need to be managed across all channels, online, offline, in DCs as well as in stores and hubs, enabling full visibility of what is available and can be allocated for fulfilment so that the right balance between a seamless consumer experience and the profitable retail operation can be found. And more important than ever before: we also want to inform and encourage the consumer to choose eco-friendly delivery options.

What cannot be overlooked is the changing role of the (store) associate. it is important that your associates understand their new role. How can they contribute to the global success by combining digital and physical channels? It also means that the role of the store associate is changing from helping to sell to in-store customers to also help to fulfil digital demand. And besides engaged and motivated associates another key factor is that they are given the digital means to fulfil their new role successfully.
Isabel Piat will take you buy the hand and guide you in this journey to optimise operations, acquire new customers and gain their loyalty without losing sight of your bottom line. Unified Commerce is the way to go!

About Manhattan Associates:
We are a global solution provider of software solutions enabling Unified Commerce in the true sense.