14:4015:00 01. Jun 2022
14:4015:00 01. Jun 2022
Connected Retail-Stage

Omnichannel Customer Journey im Direktvertrieb

bofrost*, the European market leader in direct sales of ice cream and frozen specialities, has stood not only for the best quality but also for the best service for over 50 years. This includes, above all, the individual and personal service given by the bofrost* sales drivers directly at the customers front door. This is due to the good relationships with the customers, who have a direct and individual salesperson who knows their individual needs.

By introducing a centralized customer experience platform, bofrost* also offers its customers this best service digitally. At the heart of this are the customer profiles, which provide office staff, service, marketing and, of course, the sales staff with a unitary 360-degree picture of the customers. Customers also have access to their profiles and can adjust their preferences (e.g. nutrition profiles). This makes processes more efficient, offers can be adapted better to the individual needs of customers and communication with customers can take place via exactly the channel that customers prefer.

We would like to show you how bofrost* manages to complement individual and personal service at the customers front door with digital channels to create a modern connected retail experience for the customer.