12:2012:40 01. Jun 2022
12:2012:40 01. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

Points of sales as Media

While brick-and-mortar stores have always been a place for shopping, online sales are seemingly grabbing a piece of the pie now. After a Covid-19, when the services of all kinds (shopping is no exception) have moved online, one can ask a reasonable question: what is the purpose of physical stores now?
Our reply is: people want to be impressed, they crave offline experience.
To provide an outstanding experience, a retailer needs to base its marketing efforts on the audience, its interests, and its characteristics. Points of sales require rethinking: they are a new channel of customer engagement. Trigger-based marketing, programmatic, customer journey map, and metrics of digital performance marketing are moving offline too.
In the meantime, since a new stage of Covid-19 is gaining momentum, as well as new safety measures are accelerating worldwide, we need to reimagine a POS to make it a safe space.
Displayforce.ai uses AI-powered algorithms and computer vision to provide retailers with Autonomous Marketing offline, including targeted advertisement and CPV paying model. And at the same time, this technology contributes to safety measures observation: it detects medical masks wearing, for instance.
With Displayforce.ai you can fill the gap between online and offline plus make points of sale a safer place.