15:0015:20 01. Jun 2022
15:0015:20 01. Jun 2022
Retail Technology Stage

Camera-Free Low-Power RFID Localization: Closing the Gap between Offline- and Online-Stores

Today, brick-and-mortar/offline stores as the most profitable fulfillment option face up to twice the cost of replenishment and picking compared to online stores due to their inherent human-caused mess. As a result, they are not well suited for in-store pickup or home delivery.

To improve in-store inventory accuracy, Walmart recently implemented RFID in its apparel, footwear, jewelery, tires, housewares and consumer electronics departments, much like as they enforced the bar code in the 1970s due to the company's sheer size as the world's largest employer.

As a future perspective, an accurate localization by RFID would not only minimize replenishment and picking costs, but also further bridges the gap between offline and online-stores, while being camera-free so as privacy-friendly and climate-friendly. In this talk, other use cases in retail based on accurate RFID localization are highlighted as well.